Working worldwide to advance the conservation of Billfish & associated species to improve the health of oceans & economies.


TBF’s educational focus is divided between a strategy directed toward decision makers and another directed toward anglers and the general public through traditional publications and electronic communications.  The most crucial educational challenge is to synthesize and share research/policy facts with decision makers, anglers and others responsible for and interested in understanding billfish conservation problems and possible solutions.  Merely making noise before decision makers is rhetorical, not solution-based as is TBF’s strategy.  We find educating reduces reactionary resistance in many situations and generates cooperation and participation.

TBF has made tremendous strides through its public educational programs.  Our programs introduce children and adults to the principles of responsible fishing.  By emphasizing the family fun of sportfishing, the beauty of billfish, the important role they play in the ecosystem and the plight they face, our programs foster a conservation ethic in thousands of individuals around the world.  Our education programs have helped to bring a tide of changing attitudes.

Bisbee and Billfish Foundation’s Los Cabos Sportfishing Grant and Scholarship Applications

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How You Can Help Conserve Billfish

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April 23rd, 2013


Traditional Tagging: Become actively involved in TBF’s Tag & Release Program!  Traditional tagging data has provided scientists with half of the data currently available to the scientists who study billfish.  Be a part of this and tag your next billfish.  …

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What are billfish?

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April 23rd, 2013

offt0023 Bills, Bills, Bills

In General Terms­- The term “Billfish” refers to various predatory fish species typically belonging to the taxonomical family Istiophoridae. Their biological characteristics include a spear-like rostrum or “bill,” which is used for slashing at and stunning prey. The dorsal fin …

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